Your new address could be in Bikini Bottom

Your new address could be in Bikini Bottom

Sunday, September 18, 2016
SpongeBob's Bikini Bottom abode

SpongeBob’s Bikini Bottom abode

From the New York site: SpongeBob SquarePants, the off-beat children’s cartoon about a sponge and his friends, has a cult following of super fans. Now, those SpongeBob fans can live out their fantasies by renting their favorite character’s home in “Bikini Bottom.”

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? You can (well, at least the pineapple part), when you stay in the SpongeBob-themed Pineapple Villa at @nickresortpuntacana! We got a sneak peek inside these uber swank digs and were blown away by the whimsical touches and private swimming pool!” Monica Storch a travel writer posted on Instagram.

The pineapple shaped domicile is by Nickelodeon and Nick Resort Punta Cana created the real-life rendition of SpongeBob’s abode.

Inside there are 1,500 square feet of kitschy and two bedrooms. It comes complete with an inflatable armchair, a shell phone, a diving helmet TV set and a life-size replica of Gary, according to Elite Daily.



There are also high-end amenities like a private pool and butler for late-night Krabby Patties. And of course that means that the SpongeBob lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. Living in the pineapple will set you back $3,800 per night.

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