On the scene of PMG’s swimwear luncheon at the Muse sales gallery: PHOTOS

On the scene of PMG’s swimwear luncheon at the Muse sales gallery: PHOTOS

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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While most people are freezing in PMG’s hometown of New York this time of year, the developer was hosting a swimwear party at its Muse sales gallery in Sunny Isles Beach.

Members of the condo tower’s sales team, along with brokers and fashion taste makers, showed up at the sales center last week for a private viewing of swimwear designer Lenny Niemeyer’s 2017 collection. The guests were given a private runway show, champagne and lunch prepared by a personal chef.

Muse, located at 17141 Collins Avenue, is 50-story condo tower currently under construction with an expected delivery date sometime in 2018. A recent survey from brokerage ISG showed that 70 percent of the building’s 68 units have sold so far. Remaining units are priced from $4.8 million to $17.5 million for the lower full-story penthouse.

It’s being developed by a partnership between PMG and S2 Development, which scored a $134 million construction loan in August 2015. — Sean Stewart-Muniz and Katherine Kallergis

Source: The Real Deal